Felt like Twitter turned the clock back to 2009 last night didn’t it? First Lil Wayne rumors and then Gucci Mane reached into his own bag of tricks with a new move, pulling Waka Flocka Flame from his Brick Squad command and booting him from the squad completely.

Conflicted? Confused? Hurt? I didn’t know how exactly to handle that particular news nor was I ready for Waka’s response tweet which came moments later, “Somebody tell Gucci Mane 2 suck a dick!” The tweet was deleted but not before Waka put something up in its place, still throwing shots at Gucci.

All of this on the same night that Gwuop dropped two mixtapes, one with Young Dolph EastAtlantaMemphis and Trap Back 2. Not too sure why the Ferrari Boyz decided to call it quits even though it seemed Gucci was on a warpath with any rapper in Atlanta he didn’t completely side with and Flocka stuck to doing his own thing. Not to mention Flocka crafted arguably the best album from within Brick Squad period with Flockaveli. End of the road indeed.