Next Tuesday we get to fully indulge in Justin Timberlake’s comeback album The 20/20 Experience and thanks to the wide spread appeal of JT, the musician, actor and then some hosted Saturday Night Live for the fifth time last night, joining an illustrious club including Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Christopher Walken and more.

While the idea of Donald Duck having a Vietnam flashback might be the most hilarious gag to take away from last night – JT switching up a lyric in “Suit & Tie” easily is the winner. “Hits so sick got rappers acting dramatic,” he ad-libbed on the ‘SNL’ stage before being joined by Jay-Z for another live rendition of the track. Watch his opening monologue, ‘Maine Justice’ and the two performances of “Suit & Tie” & “Mirrors” below.

[via SNL]