You’re probably wondering why DeAndre Jordan is making that face. Why does he have that goofy, sheepish grin in the middle of a basketball game. Well … here’s what happened. See, the Los Angeles Clippers were playing the Detroit Pistons when Chris Paul lobbed the ball up for Jordan. The only person in Jordan’s way to the basket and the eventual two points? Brandon Knight. You remember Brandon Knight, same guy who sadly got his soul snatched by Kyrie Irving during the Rookie showcase during All-Star Weekend.

Knight jumped up and tried to intercept the pass but as he started falling, Jordan kept rising. And then detonated on the rim, over Brandon Knight who crumpled on the court in a heep and tons of fans across Staples Center looking at a live basketball funeral. Lesson here kids, don’t attempt to out jump DeAndre Jordan and if you attempt, please don’t do it in Los Angeles otherwise you’ll get clowned by children, the Clippers bench and more.