So, here is how DC & Warner Bros are about to reach deep into our pockets, take our money and then have us all cry tears of joy while doing so. Early reviews from director Zach Snyder’s upcoming Superman adaptation “Man Of Steel” have been solid. So great that Warner & DC are handing the keys of their entire universe over to Snyder, ‘Dark Knight Trilogy’ director Christopher Nolan & ‘Dark Knight Trilogy’ writer David Goyer.

And want to put Christian Bale back in the Batsuit for the upcoming ‘Justice League’ movie. Per Ain’t It Cool & Latino-Review, there’s plenty of wind behind the sails of making all of this a reality and then some. Question is, does it turn into a full on ‘Justice League’ flick or will it be ‘World’s Finest’ with Bale reprising his role as “Every time I growl in this suit, it’s worth a billion” Batman and ‘Man Of Steel’ star Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel.

Snyder’s last huge budget adaptation of a celebrated comic franchise was Watchmen in 2009 and while the source material is about as dense as you can get with comics, it was a solid film. Some false steps here and there but overall it was a great piece. And as a Superman fan, or a guy who really wants a Superman film to work for the first time since Christopher Reeves donned the S on his chest – ‘Man Of Steel’ has all the makings of a great Superman film, one where we know his real weakness is emotion and he can just beat up people in a non campy sort of way.

Watch the video below from Latino-Review who got the early scoop on what possibly could become of the DC/Justice League franchise.