There’s bad and terrible and so terrible it’s good. Last night’s ripped from the headlines episode of Law & Order: SVU centered around the tumultuous relationship of Chris Brown & Rihanna, going all the way back to their 2009 domestic incident that occurred the night before the Grammys. In the episode, Brown gets mimicked by a hip-hop star named Caleb Bryant dating a pop star named Micha (or Rihanna). After a night where the singer is beaten, her bruised face makes all the tabloids and the medi paint Bryant out to be a monster.

From Twitter, to the tattoos, to the “Bow-Tie” interview, plenty of facets about the real life drama get ripped and twisted for the show. Only scenes about Micha’s mentor getting shot in the club by Bryant and the pop singer winding up dead after a scene where she questions her lovers text messages turn out to be crafted by the Law & Order writers but still – the entire thing is so bad that you feel sort of guilty for watching it.