premiereQuick story time kids. You remember Soulutionn, the band that pretty much made one of the few rock-rap records in Houston’s existence with Burning Bridges and got Doughbeezy, Cannon & DeLorean all on the project. It’s still available for your own particular price on their BandCamp page (we advise you give up more than a penny though). During All-Star Weekend, frontman Boi Dru along with producer King Henry could be see walking around the Space City Beat Battle with The N Crowd t-shirts, a homage to their team up that appeared on both King Henry’s 1984: The Round Table Chronicles and was the opener of Soulutionn’s Burning Bridges project.

The video itself is a visual manifestation of what King Henry’s tape is, a casual blend of funk, rock and soul with appearances from Phill Wade, Henry himself and Boi Dru. The latter two play observationist to the party at hand with curly haired girls taking photos, Dru enjoying his red cup & Henry vibing out. It doesn’t scream in your face like “60’s Rock” but hinges itself to high piano strikes and drum slaps and Dru’s neo-revolutionary self affirmation raps. Watch the video below and grab both projects here.