Despite rumors of them not necessarily touring together, Dave Chappelle & Chris Rock were on stage together last night at New York City’s Comedy Cellar. Here’s the lowdown of what happened via The Comic’s Comic. After midnight, Chappelle showed up unannounced and did a 45 minute solo set. Out of nowhere, Rock appearaed and something magical happened: the two began to riff on anything that came to mind from Seth MacFarlane hosting the Oscars, Kevin Hart’s show at the Cellar the other night and his two sold out shows at Madison Square Garden and the kick of them all – Chris Rock texting Jay-Z at 1:30 AM if he wanted to get spaghetti dinner at the bequest of Chappelle. Jay didn’t reply so they just left voicemails on Arsenio Hall’s phone as well as Lenny Kravitz.

And yes, the two titans even jerked the crowd around with the idea of a tour of them together.

“This could be the show,” Chappelle said. “Fireside chats with Chris Rock.”

“I’m in,” Rock replied.

Um, Dave? Chris? You can promptly reach into my pockets and take all of my money so that this can happen for real. Please. Thanks.

Here’s another photo below.


CRED: Steve Fabricant / NYC Comedy Cellar