If you’re familiar with the work of satirical rag The Onion then you’re aware they take more shots at regular news stories than anybody else only given 140 characters or more. So, during their live blogging of the Oscars, their crosshairs fixated upon 9-year old “Beasts Of The Southern Wild” star Quvenzhané Wallis and lobbing the one word you don’t call a woman that you can’t say on TV.


Here’s the facts – she’s a nine-year-old kid for one, somebody who can’t even drive or handle her own verified Twitter account. Secondly, The Onion has rarely taken a serious stance with the most recent instance being the tragedy at Sandy Hook. A prompt erase of tweets soon followed last night and everyone on Twitter got exactly what they wanted, a large discourse on whether or not it’s “satire” or just tasteless humor.

Twitter is home to many of the crudest jokes known to man so to be shocked at a child actress get slammed with the kind of treatment others like Kristen Stewart somehow got spared is more knee-jerk reaction than anything. A host of memes say otherwise about getting up in arms about this but there’s a line on when to be controversially funny and just controversial for the sake of it. The Onion, while great at the former in many instances – sorely took a loss on the latter last night, and will have one busy Monday morning of PR to deal with.

However, as much bad taste as it was – don’t expect them to apologize for anything since that would be them doing the two things they’ve never been known to be about: being serious and breaking character.

Sound off, are you offended at Quvenzhané Wallis getting slammed with one of the worst put downs known to womankind?

UPDATE (10:47 AM CST): The Onion apologizes via their Facebook page.