Some four years in the making, ‘Law & Order: SVU’ is going to take America’s sweethearts Chris Brown & Rihanna and take their up and down relationship and splash it all over a 44-minute TV episode.

Set to air next Wednesday February 27th, the episode entitled “Funny Valentine” details a young R&B singer who falls in love with a rapper who then beats her one night. The act gets widespread media acclaim with the rapper proclaiming that he’s not a monster. Ironically enough, the guys over at the NBC production team decided to label this “a familiar story of two celebrities” but that pretty much is a sign of them covering their asses from Brown & Rihanna’s legal representatives. Just to pull it a bit away from the couple’s real life drama, the plot twist comes with the abuser mysteriously winding up dead and people searching for answers.

The episode is also set to feature guest stars Perez Hilton, Dave Navarro & Wendy Williams. Recently the pair were spotted eating from a pot-leaf adorned birthday cake for the Bajan bombshell who turned 25 this week.

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