The Charlotte Bobcats aren’t known for much outside the NBA except for their futility under Michael Jordan. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, the 2nd overall pick in the Draft a few months ago hasn’t exactly been a splash on the scene either, gaining more headlines for getting beat 1-on-1 by his now 50-year old owner than his on the court play. That is, until last night.

MKG decided to make the second feel-good Bobcats play of the year against the Detroit Pistons by snatching the soul of one Greg Monroe. The Pistons center tried his best not to be on a Bobcats highlight but somehow MKG persevered through it all and flushed down a nasty tomahawk in Monroe’s face.

Sadly, as with any Bobcats highlight – it comes during a loss. Poor Charlotte, even your small highs get masked by the heavy lows.