Raven Sorvino - Ike TurnUp

Last month, Day & A Dream #BreakoutQueen Raven Sorvino dropped off a laid-back joint, “King James Book,” that was unattached to anything. We hoped that it was the sign of something more to come and, it turns out, yes, there is. Sorvino is cooking up another mixtape for summer 2013, entitled Queen of Hearts, and this weekend, she made available “IKE turnUP,” the tape’s first single.

With Woody’s Produce handling production, “IKE turnUP” has Sorvino linking up again with Pac Div associates BeYounG and Mibbs, Problem and Bad Lucc of the Diamond Lane, and Morgan Smith. According to Raven herself, the “IKE” in the song’s title is a reference to Ike Turner, as inspired by Mibbz’s barking out, “Choke the sh*t outta somebody!” on the hook. Once again, Sorvino holds her own (“Look at me, I’m so fitted/ Like New Era, I’ll bust ya head!”) and then some amongst her male company, and her references to her native Houston, Texas, are always appreciated; but the real star of the show is Woody’s Produce’s beat, both smooth and mean and guaranteed to get you in the mood to, well, “turn up.”

Raven Sorvino’s Queen of Hearts mixtape is slated to drop in May 2013.