We know, yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Either you celebrated it one way with your lady or fella or decided to enjoy your singlehood. We’re not mad at it one bit because we decided to ring it in our own special way and musicians didn’t let their fans go without a few goodies for Valentine’s Day either. Here’s a few leftover goodies from V-Day you might have missed out on.

Hologram Jay f/ Action Bronson – “Put It In Your Mouth (Valentine’s Day Remix)”

If you’re going to redo Akinyele’s ode to oral sex, you’re going to have to be a little crude in your own way. Needless to say, Bronson can pack the nastiness with the best of them. Fellatio lovers rejoice.


Jay-Von f/ Jess Jones – “What’s Love”

Anita Baker soul flips from YPhoenix & Jay-Von’s Hooked On VoNxix LP once more opens wounds as Von questions the state of love with Jess Jones’ vocals coaxing the player to continue thinking about his ups and downs in relationships. Having backed away thanks to legalities, Von turns to his own past and vulnerabilities to shed some light for himself.


Young Sea f/ Lovell – “On Sight”

Splashy and slow, Sea already has his eyes on a lady to spend time with a lady who probably populated the Galleria over the weekend for All-Star. Only difference is, she’s choosin’ him above all others.


DJ Wally Sparks & 9th Wonder – Pat’s Soul Shack Mixtape

The beauty about 9th Wonder’s soul samples and DJ Wally Sparks is that their latest collaboration doesn’t have to be geared towards one particular day. The calendar may change but certain selections of music are timeless. For example, picking through tracks from Erykah Badu, Destiny’s Child, Heather Victoria with exclusive remixes should easily work not only on a day for the lovers but also a Saturday morning just cleaning up and trying to groove. Download the tape here.


Brian Ennals – “When You Wake Up”

Want to think women are the most emotional of the sexes? Think again as Brian Ennals moves on from crafting “Newport Music” by tackling the M-Lito produced “When You Wake Up” wishing a chick who did him wrong sleeps with a new dude and gets sent to the clinic. There’s a bit of humility here as Ennals admits if old dude wasn’t 6’2″ 220, he’d try to beat him down. Trust us, we’ve all been there B.


Tony dArk – The Look Of Love Mixtape

Instrumental tapes are usually the mood for those looking to just chill and relax, let the soundscapes flow around and let the temptation fill the room on its own. Tony Dark, noted producer and favorite to win Houston’s upcoming Space City Beat Battle title on Saturday concocts a new beat tape cued strictly for the lovers in the room, as well as those who enjoy downtempo instrumentals. Name your price when grabbing the tape here.


Rock + Roz – The Morning After Mixtape Part 2

The sequel to last year’s The Morning After tape from Rocky Rivera & DJ Roza once more outlines a ton of break-up-to-make up tracks for the lovers and side chicks who didn’t get a few gifts or breaks their way for Valentine’s Day. From The Dramatics “In The Rain” to TiRon & Ayomari’s “Fin”, all tales of love hurting more than well … soothing the heart strings are laid out here. Download the tape here.