In the land of underrated Houston rap giants, Roosh Williams could be king. Well, that’s the sentiment given after taking in some of his whimsical onslaughts throughout the past couple of years, most notably on “Roo God Flow” and “Jesus Is Waiting” from his Better Late Than Never EP but his newest project deja Roo is set to ape everything he’s ever created.

Roosh has made himself pretty adapt to being a chameleon to whatever songs he’s attached to but one thing never changes with Roosh is his flow, a machine gun like battering ram that constantly remains on point sans a drop in breath control or pauses. The only thing that deters Roosh Williams from rapping is a chorus, otherwise he’d rap until his lungs collapsed. Enter “Fraudulent” where M. Simp of Stompboxx Music’s twangy production that runs parallel with the same country creations Timbaland was handing Bubba Sparxxx a decade ago for Deliverance appears here and Roosh filters in more punchlines than nicotine strands inside of a cigarette.

Oh, speaking of Bubba talk? He makes an appearance here, wide-eyed and still nailing down country-talk verses with the best of them. “Fraudulent” serves as the first track from Roo’s upcoming album due in February. Download it below.

Roosh Williams f/ Bubba Sparxxx – “Fraudulent”