The city’s a buzz about All-Star Weekend settling in three weeks from now but quiet as kept, the Rockets are once more making a charge for better playoff seeding out West. Last night in Utah, the Rockets not only humbled the Jazz, they completely washed them to the tune of 125-80. Jazz fans actually cheered when the Rockets went up 125-75 late in the 4th quarter and then proceeded to boo when the Jazz cut that lead down to 47.

Get lost in the stats for a moment as the Rockets lit up the joint for 16 three pointers and paraded to the paint any time they wanted but key in specifically at the end of the 2nd quarter where James Harden pulled off something you only see probably in NBA 2K with a split of a double team and then a tomahawk flush to send the Rockets bench scurrying in glee.

Look at them, just elated as can be.


Harden isn’t going to win Most Improved Player this season as he’s pretty much balled out since the Rockets set foot in Toyota Center for the first time this year but if he and Jeremy Lin continue their marriage together in the back court and Omer Asik continues to be the best buy in basketball (no Rockets fan could even agree with you on his contract before the season – 11.2 RPG changes that), the Rockets could somehow find themselves a 5-seed out West.

Which for playoff starved Rockets fans is a beautiful thing.