Oh what a joyous day it is indeed. Phonte & Nicolay, otherwise known as The Foreign Exchange have committed themselves to a remix LP of some of the works from their three album catalog and have dubbed it +FE Music: The Reworks. The group’s first track “So What If It Is” sprawls out over eight minutes jabbing the brain with electro synths, house cues and Phonte crooning about not carrying the burden and worries of the world on your back. “No one thinks they’re part of the problem, this is true,” he says. +FE Music: The Reworks will contain new remixes from Zo!, 4hero, ?uestlove & James Poyser and serves as the prelude to the group’s 4th LP Love In Flying Colors. Listen to “So What If It Is” below.

The Foreign Exchange – “So What If It Is”