With the increasing reoccurrence of school shootings, the government is facing what many consider their biggest domestic task of late outside of its fiscal woes; trying to appease Americans on both sides of the gun control aisle. Yet the question remains, will stricter laws prevent such atrocities?

With so many differing opinions being thrown around in the public arena it often becomes difficult to discern a feasible solution that satisfies us all.

Similar to hot button issues like abortion or immigration; gun control is a decisive topic in our nation. Some use Constitutional laws written during a different era as their basis of opinion; while others lean in a different direction, under the opinion that the elimination of all arms will prevent further casualties.

As with many things in life, the answer to a seemingly black and white question lies behind the scenes in spotted shades of grey.

One doesn’t have to openly accept the violence of our society to admit that guns are entrenched within it; thus it can be said that taking the right to bear arms away will not eliminate this fact.

But similar to the restrictions put upon new drivers, or the culpability held by those who drink and drive, as a society, are we not to hold our citizens accountable for their actions? Moreover; should an assertion that “getting rid of guns doesn’t eliminate the problem” be an excuse to let our laws on whom may purchase them slack?

There will be much discussion before a viable solution is found; let us hope that it is not spurred by further incidences on our nation’s schools and campuses.

As you will see below; not even our own staff can completely agree, yet there is hope in the fact that we can all identify that there is a problem that needs to be fixed.

“I personally believe that it’s not possible to limit them because majority of the guns that are used in most crimes today aren’t purchased legally. So how do we make our schools and communities safer? We have to enforce stricter laws and requirements on who can actually purchase and sell guns.” – Monica Jones

“I am pro-gun. We as American’s have the right to protect ourselves, and sometimes that means the use of a fire-arm. I do feel that sometimes the use of guns are abused, but that goes without saying; If made completely illegal, we would have more gun control issues then we presently do. Ian Fleming once said, “prohibition is the root of all crime”, not having the right to bare arms could in turn cause more problems toward the issue of gun control than we do currently.” – Brad Gilmore

“I’m pro-gun, we’ve got a right to protect ourselves. The government is trying to scare the people into giving up all of their rights.” – T. Piper

“While I understand the “limiting won’t make the problem disappear” argument; I find it sad we’ve become so accustomed to violence that we now fear that we cannot exist without arms at all.” – Cecilia Smith