Star Wars knew the moment Disney acquired George Lucas’ baby that whatever director was tapped to lead the franchise into the future had to have some backbone, some pedigree. That’s not to say Lucas has lost his way or anything but in order to wipe the feeling of the last three films away from our memory banks, somebody with high ties to the big budget sci-fi world was going to have to be the man for the job.

J.J. Abrams is that man.

The director of this generation’s last Star Trek film has agreed in principle to be the man behind the action for the newest set of Star Wars films going forward after an extensive search that even had Ben Affleck’s name attached to the franchise. Abrams track record to most is rather impeccable. He resurrected Star Trek in ’09, won our collective consciousness with Lost and even his slight dud in Super 8 still managed to rake up a few big bucks at the box office.

Here’s the challenge Abrams faces relaunching this particular franchise: Star Wars is entering into a new territory of sci-fi where realism is asked to match the fantasy. And we’re talking about the original blockbuster series that launched a legion of fans globally who will anguish over message boards and Twitter and Facebook chats over what goes into the movie, what doesn’t, what characters will appear and will Abrams do us all a favor and kill off Jar Jar Binks in emphatic fashion. He’s got until 2015 to wow us the same way he did with Star Trek and by then, we might really have to make him the King Of Sci-Fi.