Rush_Shawty Lo

You may remember that Oxygen Television Network was set to highlight rapper Shawty Lo and his “extended family” by way of a new reality show entitled “All My Babies’ Mamas.” But after much outrage, objection, and even a petition from the general public, Oxygen prematurely canceled the show. Some people felt as though Shawty Lo’s show deserved a chance, however… and apparently conservative social commentary troll political pundit Rush Limbaugh is one of them.

In his defense of “All My Babies’ Mamas” on his radio show this morning, Limbaugh claimed that the reality show got canceled because “the morality police… got in gear. The show was simply gonna say what it is in terms of this lifestyle and just gonna tell everybody what it is.” Limbaugh went on to say:

“So [Oxygen’s show was] going to expand the definition of a family to include whatever people wanted it to be. [Shawty Lo] just sharing… all of his love with ten women and eleven babies. It was a show of love and devotion, how Shawty provides for all, and it’s being ripped right out from under him [by Oxygen]. I know none of those kids are more important than the president’s kids, but they’re important to Shawty.”

I mean… I mean… shot at Sasha and Malia aside, it’s better that Rush loses credibility over this talks about Shawty Lo than gun control, right? Maybe?

[via AHH]