There are going to be plenty of pieces of prose written in 2013 about electronic dance music, dubstep and the like. More sites are starting to sprout here and there dedicated to the genre and your favorite DJs will start gravitating towards it. We’ve already seen Just Blaze touch up on a house track this week with “Behold (Exhibit J)” and now good friend of the program DJ BenHaMeen dusts off his turntables from spinning on Combat Jack’s show weekly to add his thoughts on the genre.

Linking up with khal of rockthedub & an advocate of dubstep, BenHaMeen crafts Face Melting Material a dubstep mix with reworked versions of cuts from Frank Sinatra, The Weeknd, Ellie Goulding, The Beatles and more. Even though it seems like dubstep is simply EDM with the bass and synth warbles cranked up, BenHa definitely studied and acted very peculiar about his mixing on this go round. FMM almost feels like an introduction to the genre for those who refuse to take new mixes from Skrillex or television commercials seriously – and that’s quite all right.

DOWNLOAD: DJ BenHaMeen & Khal – Face Melting Music