Fans of the oddball comedy Arrested Development (you know, people like us) won’t have to wait long for the show to make its return to Netflix. The show which ended a three-year run on FOX in 2006 will be returning to the streaming service with 14-new episodes beginning in May.

However, the show won’t run the exact same way it did before.

For starters, all 14 new episodes will drop at the exact time so fans had better prepare a sick day just in case this spring and instead of dealing in all out family chaos like the show was known for in its FOX heyday, each episode will focus upon an individual Bluth family member. Why the change? The growth of the individual stars couldn’t accomodate for a full show (you know, Cera’s a movie star now, same for Jason Bateman and both Will Arnett & Tony Hale are key players on their own shows).

Still interested? Save yourself sometime in May when the show returns with its new cache of episodes, and the hints of there probably being an Arrested Development movie.

[via Yahoo]

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