Bill Zedler_Texas Rep

Yes, it’s true. Texas State Representative Bill Zedler (R-Arlington) has filed a bill with the State Legislature that would require employees at “sexually-oriented” businesses – including strippers – to get a license and display it while working. Zedler believes that such a proposal would “keep a lot of girls from getting involved in that lifestyle and basically wrecking their lives… overall, it will be a benefit to everyone concerned.” The bill would also require employees at sexually-oriented businesses to take a class on sex trafficking.

Zedler’s isn’t the first stripper-related bill to be suggested to the Legislature (most recently in 2007, the state enacted a $5 “pole tax” that was added to strip clubs’ usual door fees, the revenue from which was put towards sexual assault prevention programs and healthcare for uninsured Texans). But it is the first to require such employees keep their real-life identification on their person while, err, performing. “They could wear it around their neck,” Zedler went on record as suggesting, “or on their shoes… or attached to a head band.”

With more important matters for the state legislature to discuss – such as education funding and the state of Medicaid – the “What’s yo’ real name, not yo’ stripper name?” bill might not gain ground. I don’t think it’s unfair to assume that Rep. Zedler may have gotten some of his inspiration from Juicy J’s “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” but I appreciate his efforts to make it easier to uncover “the real her” in the shake joints. Word to Aubrey.

[via Fort Worth Star-Telegram]

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