Last night if your girlfriend wasn’t pushing you to watching Joe Budden’s love life on the tube as opposed to Twitter and you had all but given up on Notre Dame making a miraculous comeback in the BCS National Championship Game (trust me, Katherine Webb scored more than Notre Dame last night) – then you spent last night watching Monday Night RAW and the eventual war of words between CM Punk & The Rock.

Here’s the skinny if you’ve been out of the loop since Wrestlemania last year – Punk is the WWE champion and has been for 414 consecutive days. Since a mid-summer heel turn he’s basically been fighting for respect and wants people to honor his greatness – which is sort of like modern day Ric Flair without the excess and ex-wives. The Rock, fresh off of beating John Cena left for a while to film a few movies including another Fast & Furious and automatically inserted himself into a title match at the Rumble. Punk never really liked how The Rock usurped a main event spot at WrestleMania just because he’s a movie star and doesn’t really give a damn about the company.

Which brings us to last night – and two eras essentially clashing against one another on the mic.

For an entire year, John Cena and The Rock baited one another with plenty of snarky comments and shots that dragged on and on. Mainly because they both belonged to an era that stayed on belittling your opponent and pandering to the crowd and kids with catchphrases and plenty of fun. To contrast, Punk doesn’t necessarily have a catchphrase – it’s mostly debate style talking points with plenty of insider truths packed in to give it a more realistic feel. Same way you’d see things in a rap battle.

The two eras clashing together make perfect sense for The Rock considering he can just go off the script and really lay how he feels without bringing up the same tired schtick and even more sense for Punk because frankly, Phil Brooks can argue a point with about as much conviction as a Presidential candidate. Only those who truly believe in themselves can tell somebody who’s a worldwide figure in wrestling, “Your arms are too short to box with God.”

Rock might have stumbled, reached into his bag of tricks (seriously, “Cookie Puss”?) and tried to get under Punk’s skin but the best he could do was hammer home the fact that Punk’s reign for 400+ days has been overshadowed by different people, namely himself, Cena, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Big Show and more. But for now, it’s soon to be the hottest program in the company and could last all the way until WrestleMania if necessary.

This of course, is considering creative doesn’t let the ball drop.