Straight off of his headlining show at Warehouse Live, “Lonnie Mac in The Flesh” returns to drop us his latest record, “I Got That”. Hoodstar Chantz has been one of the more consistent rappers to grace the squared-cricle of the Houston underground, and as long as I am making a squared-circle analogy, Hoodstar Chantz and the world famous professional wrestler Ric Flair have quite a bit in common. What could this Hoodstar and the “Nature Boy”, the 16-time World Heavyweight Champion have in common? That is easy my friends. One, they both have an affinity for the company of fine females. Two, they both have distinct speech patterns that are 100% unique to themselves. Three, and most importantly; they shine the absolute brightest when it comes to talking about all of their worldly possessions. Charisma, material objects, and beautiful women, Chantz most definitely “got that”.

Hoodstar Chantz – “I Got That”