The Battle for Los Angeles took place once more inside of the house that Shaq & Kobe built last night. All season long the NBA has had to deal with the Clippers, not the star-studded Lakers as a team that may possibly hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy up in June and last night proved no different. Yes, the Clippers took the game by 5 with Pau Gasol riding the pine late, Dwight Howard also known as the best big man in the world putting up a decent 21/15 but fouling out in the 4th quarter and Kobe being Kobe – reverting back to the days when he put people on posters on a regular basis.

Last night’s victim? Chris Paul. Yep, CP3 became the last line of defense between Kobe & the rim but Twitter’s newest 2Pac quoter and instant follow decided to turn back the clock on the league’s best PG.

Paul didn’t want to be out done last night as his handles proved to be the difference maker on not one but two possessions. The first once more proved that while Kobe is carrying the Lakers on offense with his league leading 30 PPG, he’s slipping a bit defensively in one-on-one situations. It wasn’t an Iverson on Jordan “the new guard had arrived” moment but to see CP3 unleash a step back jumper about as sick as Kemba Walker’s one on Gary McGhee, it proved to be effective.

Oh, and sadly can we make sure Darius Morris understands where he is? Paul put him on skates and then to add insult to the matter – he got charged with the foul on an and-one.