Forgive us for the past two days as we’ve been attempting to figure out how one beef could spawn three diss songs in a matter of days. You see, Angel Haze is a spitfire upstate New York emcee who a year and a half ago was slowly building up a buzz behind killing more Lil Wayne songs than he actually was. She took offense to constant beef baiter Azealia Banks’ tweet on Thursday morning regarding NY rappers and authenticity.

Like most tweets that are mostly blanket statements, Haze felt this was a diss towards her as she released a song “New York” this past summer, despite being born in Detroit and raised in Virginia. The feud then spiraled into a series of missives regarding the two no longer being friends, Banks accusing Haze of attempting to get at her, how Banks said Haze was the best female rapper out – you know, typical stuff.

Then the disses started rolling in.


Haze released “On The Edge”, a straight forward shot complete with some pretty rude Photoshop of an old conversation she and Banks had. It might be even ruder to realize this is also Android v. iPhone beef but we digress. The salvo prompted Haze to immediately state the next retort be in form of a song – not a tweet (!)


To her word, Banks crafted a track “No Problems” aimed at Banks which of course in Twitter terms equates to a waste of time. A few punchlines here and there with some nasty implications of sexuality and then some. Venom folks, venom.

A waste that is until released a new diss of her own entitled “Shut The F*ck Up”.


Best part of the third round? Haze doesn’t mince words or anything of the sort – blasting the Interscope signee questioning her status on the label, Azealia’s appearance and then some in a series of more than venomous punchlines. The quality of it even feels raw as it isn’t mastered one bit and feels like Haze had to get it off her chest quick and in a hurry. Added bonus? It’s over 2Pac’s “Ambitionz Az A Ridah”.

Who knows if Banks will respond but so far – it’s all Haze in the battle.