Every night without fail, I get an education in samples and soul via my mother. Last night was no except as for the first of the year, her flair for Bobby Womack and The Impressions continued as if nothing had changed but the day on the calendar. The same mix CDs, the same transported moments where nothing but soul you can move to, lean on and balance yourself with bleeding out of the speaker set up downstairs in our house.

What made last night stand out a bit differently from the other nights was how easily I could pick up on these tracks. Womack’s “And I Love Her” became the backbone for Little Brother’s “Speed” so on and so forth. No easier bridge could have been made between The Dramatics “And I Panicked” and A$AP Rocky’s collaboration with Lana Del Rey “Ridin”. Most moments in love, you deserve the right to panic and figure out where things either are going right or going wrong. If you’re a dude, most times you’re thinking you’re in way over your head and you begin creating things that don’t necessarily exist.

The Dramatics were the same way. Hell, most singers in the 60s and the 70s were like that. Some of the easiest songs in the world are about as complex mentally as anything you deal with today. One decision pretty much could shape the future as the guy found out – one move and next thing you know his baby was gone, packed up her clothes and simply left.

At least A$AP and Lana looked as peaceful as can be in their world.