“Just because Shawty Lo has more baby mamas than Kwanzaa principles…” – An actual text message I sent regarding Shawty Lo’s upcoming Oxygen reality show “All My Babies Mamas”.

Look, I don’t know exactly where the totem pole stops when it comes to reality shows but considering that there’s at least one that outlines just how far we’ve fallen as a society – the possibilities are limitless. And Shawty Lo has just set the bar for reality shows that get greenlighted just because the story is so impossible that somehow it actually exists.

THe last hit Shawty Lo record came somewhere before T.I. set a lawn chair in front of Bowen Homes back in 2008. Since then he’s done nothing more than align himself with G-Unit and that’s pretty much it. But, thanks to the thought of reality TV – we now know why Shawty L-O felt like “Dey Know” about him. Homie has 11 kids, by 10 different women, making him a definite winner for champion of child support and the Antonio Cromartie bowl. Plus, the choice in his baby mothers? Well … God don’t like ugly so I’m staying quiet. Point is, make sure after clicking play on the pilot episode that you hope this show is sponsored by Trojan and not Durex. Or Lifestyles.

Funny thing is – the former D4L leader lives right next door to T.I. and both of them could pretty much field an entire baseball team if they wanted to.