Rank Philly Freezer’s Black Santa EP as one of our favorite album covers of the year. Plus, celebrate the fact that Freeway has gone through one of the better years of his career with a solid album in Diamond In The Ruff, constantly making appearences here and there and leading the wave to a potential State Property/Roc Nation reunion with “Roc Reloaded” featuring the former Young Guns, Peedi & Memphis Bleek.

Black Santa may count as the star on top of Freeway’s 2012 tree but it also doubles as probably the heaviest sports related rap tape you get this year as Rasheed Wallace, Iman Shumpert and Adrien Broner all make appearences on the 9-track EP, another stocking stuffer that might get you through all of the mirth and gifts today.

DOWNLOAD: Freeway – Black Santa EP