Part hood lyricist, part turn up master; don’t sleep on Hoodstar Chantz.

With many artists in the city breaking out from the pack this year, Chantz has quietly grinded, and is poised to make 2013 his breakthrough year as well.

Last Thursday he made his case for this at Warehouse Live by using his 25th birthday as an excuse to throw one hell of a concert; complete with a house party feel but kept jumping with club enthusiasm.

Although it started a bit behind schedule, once the show began it moved along nicely. Where as some shows lose steam in the midst of the openers, on this night we were once again reminded of the well of still untapped talent within the city; each opener holding his own and helping the show flow smoothly until Chantz came to the stage.


– I was in the lavatory when I heard someone nearly penetrating the walls. Spitting with such booming intensity that it didn’t matter what he was saying I just wanted to hear it. That ladies and gentlemen, was KAB Tha Don; the young Headwrecka left the stage with the crowd still wanting more.
– Saw Doughbeezy running through the crowd in order to hop on stage just in time to perform “Before the Fame” alongside Chantz and Propain.


They killed the performance by the way.

Who Got Next: Cannon. Energetic lyricism combined with a great stage presence easily allowed him to shine; especially on Chantz’s “Take a Picture” with MC Beezy.

Mr. Wired Up and Sherro turned the Club Anthem notch up during their performance, pretty much opening the gateway to twerkage among the ladies in the audience. Nothing wrong with a twerk here and there.

As Chantz came to the stage the energy hit the roof. Running through a string of tracks from his Before The Fame project, the young MC showed his progression as an artist. Such a shame that his collab with Killa Kyleon didn’t get a chance to be heard live, despite Killa being in attendance.