Image:  Reuters

Image: Reuters

20 children who will never see what Santa brought them.

6 adults whose families have had their holiday cheer wrenched from them.

That’s 26 lives taken; countless others irrevocably changed.

Said a tearful President Obama, “Our hearts are broken today.”

Already being cited by some as the 2nd worst classroom massacre in U.S. history; for the residents of Newton, Connecticut pain and confusion intertwine, as they look to comprehend what transpired in their community. In their own school.

The meager facts that have emerged have brought more questions than answers.

The suspect, just a mere 20 years of age, was found dead within the school; while his mother was found slain nearby in her home.

Speculation has already began to grow around the young man responsible for walking into a school and brutally gunning down student and administrator alike; some reports alleging autism, and others already releasing “He was a loner” sound bites.

As this story unfolds it serves as a horrifying reminder of a scene we’ve seen unfold all too often in recent years. Already politicians are preparing to bicker about the role of guns in our nation. One thing not debatable here; those souls did not deserve to be taken in that matter.

As one mother said, “We lost too many babies today.”

Hold your loved ones. Tightly.

As moments of silence were taken across the country, one image remains the easiest to document. Two men, Kevin Garnett & Kevin McHale shared an embrace. Almost two decades ago, McHale made the decision to bring a then teenage Garnett into the league in the 1995 NBA Draft. They will forever have a bond with one another thanks to that and the numerous conversations they’ve had over the years.

Last night, overcome with emotion due to the thoughts of Newtown as well as the death of his daughter Sasha the two shared an embrace. The words can’t be made out but the feeling is stated quite clearly. The final score becomes lost in the end as the real story here takes focus. A father who recently lost his daughter, a man who’s come to be known as “Da Kid” under his watch – respect on both sides of the game.