If you haven’t heard, Rick Ross has been going through a few things. First, his MMG Tour got cancelled to what he calls “janky promoters” and what the rest of the world calls “threats from gang members across the country”. Speaking to Felisha Monet of 99 Jamz in Miami, Ross clears the air about him not being good in any hood in America regardless of gang affiliation, despite there being evidence and videos to dispute his claim.

Ross goes on to say if he were about that other life, he’d have at least “1,000 gangsters in any hood” and references to him being in Chicago, “the birthplace of the GDs” to distill any notion that Ross can’t handle himself.

He also goes on to remark on what happened at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards with Young Jeezy and that his intention was to choke Jeezy and if they crossed paths again that it “was an option”. Not to mention the whole 50 Cent thing gets brought up as well and Ross continues his bravado talk.

Such a shame nobody makes mention of the fact that Warner’s urban music division was dissolved and every contract there got shipped to Atlantic – where Jeezy is Senior VP. Which means he signs the checks for Maybach Music. What an interesting life Rozay’s been dealing with.