By now, you’ve at least heard the sparse, singular bass line of “All Gold Everything” from Trinidad Jame$, seen his name splashed all over from Complex inquiring about who he is to those thinking he’s not going to make it past another six months and that normally happens with the hype cycle. We somewhat predicted such a thing was going to happen once Don’t Be S.A.F.E. moved off of Bandcamp to iTunes and then Santos in New York City last week.

“The Turn Up”, Jame$ recent collaboration with Mike WiLL Made It continues to rattle off the Jame$ narrative with little in the way of intricate rhymes and more towrds the ability to parlay plenty of charisma into another anthem of sorts. It was never this hard to craft a hit, overthinking usually gets in the way of most success. Jame$ knows this, hence a short set at Santos and giving people exactly what they want. It might not exactly be “All Gold Everything” once more but this isn’t rocket science – long as you make something people continue to like, you’ll exist.

Trinidad Jame$ – “The Turn Up” (prod. Mike WiLL Made It)