Katt Williams is at it again.

The troubled comedian who recently retired and then un-retired has been arrested again in California for an outstanding warrant according to TMZ.

Yolo County Sheriffs deputies popped Williams at a gas station following a traffic stop, this according to KCRA. An arrest warrant for Williams had been issued on Thursday out of Sacramento County for a reckless driving incident last month.

This comes only hours after the Toyota Center in Houston cancelled Williams show, leaving fans visibly upset yet thankful they were going to get refunded their money. A fan took a photo of the scene outside of the building below.

It would be remiss not to remember the fact that Yolo County does actually exist and should always make mention in the news no matter what occurs. It would arguably make for some of the greatest arrest stories of the year. Williams’ will more than likely have to face a series of financial woes for backing out of his scheduled appearances, hence him “un-retiring” from comedy.