You know the League, that lovable motley crew from Austin that decides to bend weed rhymes with the sort of tough talk that makes them the most feared members of 6th Street on any given weekend. Plus, they’re nomads, particular hitting any major hip-hop festival in the South (SXSW is their home, A3C acts like Austin-lite) and displaying the sort of talent you don’t get in many crews these days – lyrics & personality. After watching the crew and Shane Eli interact with one another for the past year at different spots, including touring all across the country along with Rittz, hearing the two team together for The Plug only makes sense.

“Hankuri” might be the funkiest bath of League ish we’ve gotten with a merry-go-round of Spanish horns and drums where the League flip punchlines celebrating the life of fallen member Esbe Da 6th Street Bully, weed tales and more. Non-traditional moves from the League equate to good vibes and more should be in store when The Plug drops.

League Of Extraordinary Gz – “Hankuri” (prod. Shane Eli)