As much hype as you give a rap battle in a public form for being personal and a little testy at times, the same goes for a beat battle. Drums, hi-hats and snares are pretty much the same as calling somebody out on stage for being absolute garbage and they should get tossed off like PM Dawn.

At least that’s how The Kracken perceived it.

Using well timed barbs and shots along with an avalanche of heavy handed, subwoofer destroying drums and soundscapes, the dreadlocked beat predator took home top honors at SCBB9 over a very game Tony Dark who many say should have won the competition overall. Covering the entire stage, The Kracken might have been more known just for his spastic actions to his own production than the beats themselves.

They crashed, they cut down the opposition and ultimately won over.

With judges Scarface & Focus on hand, producers from across the city brought tons of samples and interpolations to the party from 8-bit synth laden creations to a complete reimagination of Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” and “The Lady In My Life”.

Early favorite Reggie Coby somehow got knocked out in the semi-finals somehow after coasting his way through the first two rounds, making Scarface twist his cap back in the process. But as eclectic as Houston’s rap scene is, its producer field is even more set in a stratosphere that begs plenty of questions. Like, who are these guys and why haven’t they been added to major projects all over the city? Guess we’ll find out more when SCBBX lands in February, just in time for All-Star Weekend. Watch the recap clip below shot by Damien Randle.