Early mornings on Twitter will cause you to either laugh until your stomach hurts or face the wrath of Shao Khan in Outworld. Either way, you’re bound for some entertainment and this morning has been nothing short of golden. See, last night Joe Budden made his way to Oakland for his recent tour to promote a new mixtape and album. One fan in particular noticed how thin the crowd as and tweeted as such, “I wish this picture really captured how dead it is in here at this joe budden concert”. Budden (or his right hand man Ice, depending on who you ask) decided to search for names on Twitter, saw the tweet and then proceeded to kick the woman out of the concert.

Detective Budden solved the case…

Correct me if I’m wrong but you’d have to be performing at a backyard BBQ in order to point out someone in a crowd over Twitter. Avatars don’t come up 1024×768, jack. And all things considered, Joe has already made enemies out of many for what he’s done over Twitter from getting punched by Raekwon to getting in arguments with his many exes. Oh well, I’m sure long as we keep getting half naked pics of his GF for his avatars then we’ll be happy. Until somebody steals his iPhone, laptop or whatever electronic device you use to send messages and lets the NSFW chopper fly. Or gets invited to one of his legendary pool parties, whichever comes first.

Then there’s Ryan Leslie who’s given us some great music since 2006 (yes, I’ve been aware of his talents for a good minute now) and plenty of good stories otherwise for reasons that only he, Cassie, Diddy and quotes from The Mack know. Yes, he’s taken his fair share of Ls but when your photo is plastered in the New York Post cover over your stolen laptop and you reneging on its $1 million ransom like its a game of spades? That’s one for the books.

You can’t get on YouTube, announce a ransom for your laptop of naked pictures of Cassie, a sex tape, incriminating evidence of Diddy, secret Illuminati share holders music and then pay such ransom by only 2% or less due to your belief that the “music files were incriminated”. Sorry R-Les, that’s when somebody with a good attorney will run up on you, take you in front of a judge and say with calm conviction, “You gon’ pay what you owe”.

And a special thanks to the New York Post & parts of media in general for continuing to label black entertainers who get in trouble with the law or have a flair for getting in trouble period as rappers. Kudos to you too.