How do you do major announcements that will shock everybody who grew up watching your show? On Twitter & Tumblr of course. After the rumor mill began spinning about a potential Boy Meets World spin-off in Girl Meets World about the daughter of our favorite teen couple that then got married – and then that rumor turning out to be true, the questions then started rolling on whether or not Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel would return as Cory & Topanga.

Yes America, yes they will.

Did they also reveal in messages that FEENEY would return? And Eric (who’s now legit Uncle Eric) and Shawn (who of course is Fake Uncle Shawn but still the greatest uncle ever)? Yes & Yes. Savage got his BMW tweet retweeted over 78,000 times while Fishel opened up a Tumblr page and cranked out a nice sparkly letter/press release to confirm all the good news.