“Roy Williams has no idea who that man is.”

It may just only be November but the NBA already has an early candidate for dunk of the year. Golden State Warriors rookie Harrison Barnes made fools of everyone who doubted his athleticism when he spent two years at North Carolina who believed he was the next big thing by using Nikola Pekovic as his “introduction” into the league. Leaping from the lane and giving no regard for Pekovic, the Timberwolves or anybody else for that matter. The best reaction however comes from the bench who leap out of their seats as if Barnes just hit a game winner or something.

It’s begged the question on Twitter which I’m sure will be followed by pieces all over the sports scribe world – what’s the best reaction to an in-game dunk? And why haven’t referees just blown the whistle after a dunk to let bench players run all over the place like kids who’ve lost their marbles?