Fat Pimp proclaims himself to be the “King Of The Club”. I think he and Beat King are probably going to have a battle in some hot spot where the Twerk Team, your neighborhood ratchet clique and others all proceed to sweat out weaves and naturals for the enjoyment of all men (and some women lesbihonest). Until then, the full aspect of Texas club music, one of the region’s richest (and least discussed sub-genres) can easily be deciphered in “Roll Me Up”.

Grab a thumping bassline, add in a few punchlines about sex, a crude line referencing something of pop culture to previous lines about sex and get a chant ready chorus. Now, it’s far more deeper than that but considering that it’s Saturday, the only thing you want to do is enjoy Fat Pimp’s “Roll Me Up” and the visual which probably has enough rumpshakers to make the late shift at Waffle House look below average by comparison.