With the ‘Season of Giving’ now well under way, many Houstonians are using the holidays as a means to get into the charitable spirit. This Thanksgiving, famed DJ Big Tho held the Second Annual “Hustlers for the Homeless” food drive at his Go Smoke Shop located in Third Ward.

Assisted by his protégée Molo, owner of Vicious Vixen Modeling, the duo, known for their insatiable hustle, have come together for a number of philanthropic endeavors throughout the city. Explained Molo, “God has blessed me, so why not give back to the next man?”

In addition to providing and preparing cooking the meals for the event, volunteers took it a step further, venturing into the neighborhood to hand out plates to those who were either unaware, or unable to attend the event.

The Go Smoke Shop is located on 5909 Scott; it’s been open to the public since July 2011.

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