Seeing as how “Remember You” has been getting all the rotation since it leaked earlier this year, it was only fair that Mr. Amber Rose Wiz Khalifa give his spectacular O.N.I.F.C. single with The Weeknd an accompanying set of visuals.

While the bare asses – though not in an NSFW kind of way – and slender eye candy are plentiful, I think it’s safe to say that director Ryan Hope’s intent for the “Remember You” video was basically to mindf*ck the hell out of viewers. All I can tell you is that the video involves a cute waitress meeting another girl at her restaurant, they hit it off and then they both proceed towards Wiz’s dollhouse of fun. Perhaps the video is best enjoyed while under the influence. But yeah, definitely NOT the kind of music video I was expecting for this track at all.

Peep the disorienting visuals for Wiz Khalifa’s “Remember You,” f. The Weeknd, below. Wiz’s O.N.I.F.C. project arrives on December 4.