If you went to bed like I did around 9:30 PM central last night then you went to bed with the confidence that Oregon and Kansas State were going to peel off victories despite their early struggles against Stanford & Baylor respectively.

If you woke up around 6:30 AM like I did in a tussle believing the unthinkable had occurred and that both teams somehow lost – then you deserve the first shot I dish out to you. Preferably brown liquor just to take the edge off.

Somehow it took the Mayans (or divine intervention since we’re talking about that school from South Bend) to create even more luck for the SEC getting one of their prized beauties into South Florida for the national title game. It also took a little help from the Cardinal and Bears to do so as well.

Kansas State was due for a letdown performance from Optimus Colin Klein. For a full week now the chatter on message boards has been whether or not Kansas State’s latest Heisman front running quarterback was better than Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel. Manziel of course had just engineered the biggest “kinda-sorta” upset of the week with the Aggies beating then #1 Bama hardily in T-Town. But who knew Baylor would dare decide to play defense after being mostly maligned all season? Who knew they would play the role of Aggie circa 98 to Kansas State’s Heisman winner and perfect season hopes?

Who knew Oregon’s wear-down flash card offense would get outsmarted and stymied by a few brainiacs who also are pretty damn good at football? Who knew that as much talk that was had after Bama’s defeat last Saturday that we’d be waking up on Sunday believing the SEC could go 7 for 7 in BCS titles in this lifetime? Or that we could even get a repeat of last year with two SEC schools in the big game thanks to the polls and Georgia possibly beating Bama, USC upsetting Notre Dame, Texas beating Kansas State and whatever wackiness happens out west?

All we know is this. It’s a Sunday in November and the #1 football team in the country according to human eyes, are the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Thus, prepare for your sports week to be made nauseous by old Notre Dame clips of when they were the big dog in college football and how the national media is about to crown Brian Kelly as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Welcome to chaos, save your vocal chords. You’re going to be yelling until January.