Chris Brown bout to be so mad, bruh.


While at this point it’s understood that Robyn Rihanna Fenty has no qualms at all about showing a little “skin” every now and then, a little extra eye candy never hurt anyone, right?

GQ Magazine tapped Rihanna to serve as the cover girl for this year’s installment of its annual “Men of The Year” issue, and we’ve got a sneak peek inside her photoshoot. The issue itself drops later on this month, but our guess is that you’ll be buying it less to hear Rihanna talk about Chris Brown and Drake and her relationship issues and more for the nipslip shots of Robyn’s body in all its toned and tattooed glory.

Peep the slightly NSFW pics below. And in case you forgot, Rihanna’s Unapologetic album is slated to drop next week, on November 19th.