Before it’s release late last month, Kendrick Lamar’s debut album had the swelling hype of having a Lady Gaga feature album on it, apparently titled “PartyNauseous”. While the track never made the retail version or the album – or not even the studio from what it seems, rumors then began to grow about Gaga’s appearing on the second track, “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” with uncredited guest vocals. That too appeared to be false considering singer Anna Wise (who gets an actual credit on “Real”) was the woman on the chorus.

Well finally, we get a Gaga version of the smart-rap single from the album which will be dominating award discussions by the time we get to next February. The reason why Gaga’s version didn’t make the album? She didn’t turn it in on time according to Pitchfork but given what we have on wax and her version – maybe that was for the best and TDE did the polite thing by telling her such a thing.