With any Joe Budden track, any previous moment where you questioned his mindset gets immediately evaporated as soon as he goes in. Those adlibs jump off the beat, his pen whittles down every space on a sheet of paper until everything in him seems completely gone. Angry Joe Budden is what got him here, happy and content Joey is where he’s currently position.

“More Of Me”, a bridge of sorts between “All Of Me” from Mood Muzik 3 and now essentially covers the bases of where Joe’s heart and mind are right now given all of his newfound success. Arc one details the present, his eyes open to certain moments such as being back on a major label, sought after once more as if it were 2003 all over again and arc two is even more personal. In the span of four minutes or so, Budden gives up the ghost – the backstory behind current flame and love interest Kaylin Garcia and how she’s overcome plenty on top of plenty just to arrive in his life and make things even sunnier.

The song itself is set to appear on JB’s upcoming A Loose Quarter LP due in January. Still, we get the million dollar question left unanswered – who in the hell is at the compound where pool parties are had to snap all these Instagram pictures?

Joe Budden f/ Emanny – “More Of Me”