Those of you who have been fortunate enough to have spent some time in Austin are more or less acquainted with the greatness known as “Tiff’s Treats.” The beloved cookie store – initially started up by former students of The University of Texas at Austin and most famously praised for its Snickerdoodle-flavored cookies and delivery service – has expanded more or less to franchise status since its humble beginnings on the corner of Nueces Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard, opening locations in Dallas and Houston.

While Tiff’s Treats already has a Houston location in the Galleria/Westheimer area, news broke that a second Tiff’s Treats location would be opening up on Old Spanish Trail. In celebration of the location’s grand opening this coming Saturday, November 10th – and to raise awareness of and money for the¬†Cystic Fibrosis Clinic at Texas Children’s Hospital – Tiff’s Treats has a massive promotion planned. The location will be giving away giftcards to the first 30 customers in the amount of either $100, $20, or $10; and will also be selling $3 boxes of dozen cookies. Oh, and just in case you’re still not sold on the idea of snacks on snacks on snacks, everyone who buys a box on Saturday will be entered in a drawing to win free cookies from Tiff’s Treats for a year.

Tiff’s Treats’ new location in Houston will open at 9 AM sharp this Saturday, November 10th, at 1333 Old Spanish Trail.