Well, it’s finally over. The 2012 Presidential Election came to a close last night and depending on your side of the political fence, you felt a certain way about it. The nation will not have its 45th President just yet as Barack Obama won re-election over Republican nominee Mitt Romney by winning not only the Electoral College with over 300+ electoral votes but also the popular vote by 2 million voters. It was even closer in Harris County as the President won by a mere TWO votes, 579,070 votes to Romney’s 579,068.

In victory, Obama spoke to an enthused crowd at camp headquarters in Chicago and felt more energized than ever while in defeat, Mitt Romney was gracious as he could possibly be. Considering the fact that both concession & victory speeches came well after midnight, both have been condensed for your at work viewing pleasure. In a social media landmark, the Obama tweet of “Four More Years” with a photo of he & First Lady Michelle Obama became the most re-tweeted tweet of all-time with over half a million retweets.

However, not everything was sweet across the country. As expected, certain groups of people across the country would voice their displeasure whether it be by social media or in public no matter who won the election. When news hit the campus of the University of Mississippi, students took to burning Obama/Biden signs in protest, shouting racial epitaphs and more before the large group of mostly white students were broken up by police officers.

According to the Clarion-Ledger, the incident was initially rumored to be a “riot” but deemed false as Ole Miss campus police broke up the gathering around 12:30 CST. The protest bears quite the interesting tag considering how the school was spotlighted in a recent ESPN 30 for 30 documentary about the 1962 football team and how the the Army had to be called in to escort James Meredith, the school’s first black student onto the campus. Anti-desegregation and white students rioted the Oxford campus resulting in two deaths and hundreds of injuries.

Here’s raw video from the incident below.