Today’s the day folks. Election 2012 is upon as and after four years of the Obama administration, America gets the chance to once more decide on whether they want to go forward with the Democrats or usher in new change with Mitt Romney and the Republican party. After being bombarded by campaign ads, propaganda, and chatter from both sides of the political aisle; we’ve provided a quick snapshot of each candidates beliefs. We’re not telling you who to vote for but simply letting you know who stands on what side of the fence.

Be informed. Vote.

Tax Reform:
Obama – Tax cuts for middle income and working Americans
Romney – Provide tax deductions to those who purchase their own health insurance

National Budget:
Obama – Hold corporations and Wall Street accountable for actions. Enact and enforce clear rules for the market place. Supports bi-partisan plan to reduce the deficit
Romney – Cut federal funding and reform entitlement programs. Reduce the scope of federal government. Greater fiscal power given to states

Social Security:
Obama – Prevent basic benefits from being slashed during the economic downturn.
Romney – Find a way to continue the program without increasing taxes. Encourage Americans to create their own private accounts.

Obama – Protestant
Romney – Mormon

Obama – Pro Choice
Romney – Pro Life

Same-Sex Marriages:
Obama – Approve it
Romney – Ban it

Obama – Prevent insurance companies from using preexisting conditions to raise costs. Lower health care rates
Romney – Repeal Obama’s healthcare act. Create market based reforms.

National Defense:
Obama – Balance defense mechanisms, strengthen military alliances and partnerships
Romney – Modernize the military, increase the amount of troops, and add additional funding

Obama – Planned withdrawal to be completed by 2014
Romney – Bring troops home in conjunction with orders from U.S. Generals

Climate Control:
Obama – Believes in climate change
Romney – Does not believe in climate change

Obama – Enact clean energy standards & explore clean energy options
Romney – Opposes EPA regulation of greenhouse gases

Sex in School:
Obama – Believes in Sex Education
Romney – Believes in abstinence only

Obama – Increase border control. Provide a legal path to citizenship for those already here. Uphold the DREAM act
Romney – No driver licenses or resident tuition for immigrants

Stem-Cell Research:
Obama – Continue
Romney – Discontinue