“Live in your vision, don’t live in the circumstances.”

If you watch any other NFL highlight video this weekend, make sure this one is the first you decide to open up. After his Indianapolis Colts came away with a convincing win against the Miami Dolphins and Andrew Luck looking more and more like the “all world everything” QB every pundit and so-called expert pegged him as, Colts head coach Chuck Pagano came into the locker room to fire his team up.

Pagano at the current moment is fighting leukemia, a treatable form of it but he’s walking and kicking the cancer’s ass every single day. For anybody going through something that’s either debilitating, too tough, too emotionally taxing and makes them want to quit, watching Pagano soldier on in the face of cancer should at least show a glimmer of hope. It’s the best sports related video you might see all weekend, all year perhaps.