With the election just a day away and both candidates nearly tied in the polls; all eyes have turned to Ohio, the state that propelled Obama to victory in ’08, as the one needed to clinch the election. Unfortunately, eyes have also returned to Florida, as early voters have cited unbearably long lines and difficulty with casting their vote.

Already a lawsuit has been filed in South Florida as Democrats, who comprise a good portion of the early voter majority, claim “inadequate voting facilities.” Additionally, many are attributing the longer wait times to the shortening of the early voting period from 14 to 8 days, a move made by Republican Governor Rick Scott last year.

Though Ohio has been projected to be the most imperative of the swing states; as we learned during the ’00 Gore v. Bush election, Florida has a good portion of electoral votes as well, thus allegations of disenfranchisement cannot be taken lightly.

On Twitter, many voters in Miami-Dade county vented their frustrations as voters were turned away after election officials in the county closed early on Sunday after too many people showed up to cast absentee-ballots. Some had to wait six hours to vote and others had to wait for extended voting hours to cast their ballots. Also, such “accommodation” would be available only in the most Republican sector of the county.

At least Chris Rock is here to offer a bit of actual “comedy” to the matter: